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The Bourne Legacy Trailer

If you haven’t seen this already here is the trailer for The Bourne Legacy. No it doesn’t star Matt Damon from the original three films, but Jeremy Renner (Who heroically burned to death as Doyle in “28 Weeks Later” and also appeared as Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble) certainly looks like he can fill his shoes. It’s also written and directed by Tony Gilroy who penned the first three films.

Jeremy plays another agent who’s battling against forces inside the US government who apparently for political reasons, not only want to kill him, but all of the agents in the Trent-Stone program. Why not just leave them alone in their wooden shacks in the mountains? It’s not clear from the trailer, but it looks like it involves a few explosions. So who cares really?


The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK August 13th.

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