Dominique Morisseau – Sunset Baby were lucky enough to catch the final performance of Sunset Baby, at Gate Theatre Notting Hill. Sunset Baby is a theatre play about the complex and turbulent relationship between a father and his daughter, set in New York City.

The play features three characters:

Nina – a black woman, late 20’s, grounded, guarded, unapologetic, aggressive, fiery and confrontational. An armed robber and drug dealer. Named after Nina Simone, her parents hoped that she could be an activist leader of a revolution.

Kenyatta – Black man, aged late 40’s, deeply guarded, apologetic, wise, a former political revolutionary, who spent time in prison. Nina’s affectionless father.

Damon – Black or Latino, 30’s, masculine, bold, intelligent, a drug dealer and theif. Street smart, Clyde to his Bonnie (Nina) Plan’s to retire from being a street hustler, not conforming to a stereotype , has lost his hardness from being in the streets and ageing with street wisdom.

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