I-likeitalot Street-Style New- York Individuals : End Of the Summer

I-likeitalot.com presents to you another Week of our own perspective of street style to the Lovely & Fierce city of New-York. This Past Week we’ve met interesting individuals with their own style as we salute each person originality. We call them Individuals because they possesses a unique and individual fashion sense that reflects their characters, this “Je ne sais Quoi” factor that can’t be defined, rather than following the latest trends, they create their own. To some it may seem Odd to other Just classics. It is getting Cooler in the city and Peops rocking Warmer Outfits t fight the Cold so Check out all those great Individuals and Feel free to Comment the One that You Like a Lot or The One you don’t like at all As We will be constantly Rising the Bar, Check Out the Pics After The Jump

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