André 3000 Interview With FUSE

Andre 3000 is probably the most sought after Hip-Hop Artists as far as Right now the Outkast Other Half appears on Other Artist Track unless he feels the Project, Each of his Appearance are worth the wait. André 3000 sat down with FUSE to talk about collaborating with T.I. on “Sorry” and said

“Me and T.I. been trying to do a song for long, long time,” Andre said. “It was always for me. It’s always about the actual song or the project. I never say I’m gonna do something just to do it. So, I went to the studio and checked out some music and as that song came on and his lyrics came on it kind of hit home for me. And I was like ‘hey, this is the song that I want to be a part of.’ And that name of the song is called Sorry, check it out.”

And Also addresses a few words if there will be another Outkast album

“There could be [an Outkast reunion] I just can’t say right now. If we decide to do something you’ll know about it,” he said. “The internet is such a misinformation age right now. So much bad stuff that you don’t even know what to believe. So don’t believe anything about Outkast until we say it”

Props To Fuse TV


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