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Single with lots of free time, high sex drive that cannot be satisfied, curious , looking for fun or serious about being in a committed relationship? Embrace your inner Sket, select your best looking images or the ones from instagram and facebook with the most likes and add them to your online profile and prepare to enter the world of Digital Dating:

In times where everything is going digital why shouldn’t we embrace the idea of using technology to contact someone you find attractive? Creating a profile on a social dating application or website allows you to directly message others who are your type, giving you the option to eliminate others who are an incompatible match for what you want at that specific moment in time with no hard feelings. No matter how far fetched or unrealistic the expectation, websites and apps allow you to pick and choose and block with no remorse, no bullshit, direct and straight to the point, no beating around the bush, no time wasting. State your intention, one night stand or relationship, whether your preference is someone with lots of free time (unemployed) or someone with a career, old or young, single or in a relationship the possibilities are endless.

Websites and Apps:

E harmony: if you are looking to find your soul mate, this website claims to be the leading site to offer you the stability, the commitment and the result. The process includes a two hour intense questionnaire, based on likes, dislikes, interests, career goals aspirations, travel, ambition level, and then once information collected they scan the data base searching for unique match. During the filtering process they do cater to your specific need whether it be religion, age, gender specific.

Person x said: A friend found a perfect match, but for me I was too picky. Some of the other users were not good looking enough and without a great personality. This may sound shallow however if you are in it for the future and to find love, you need to be thinking good looks and genetics for making babies. On the plus side this website restored my faith in mankind, there are still people who believe in true love. Despite all the heartache, past experiences there are still the hopeful – there are amazing success testimonies about this site on the internet.

Badoo: this is a user friendly application available on iPhone and android platforms, fun and playful, easy to use and seamless to use, with a nice simple layout. You can find a partner based on geographical location with a range of devices using GSM, and filters include who is online, however there is no filtering apart from age, gender sexual preference. This is very basic and you are more likely to get unwanted attention from people who you wouldn’t take a second look at. Interestingly this app can give your self esteem boast, a side effects of the app include depression, anxiety and rejection based on the fact that you too may be disqualified based on age, sexual orientation, ethnicity.

Person x said: Good for quick meets, but not what I was looking for a bit to clinical, perfect for finding a friend with benefits.
There are more direct applications, which integrate with Facebook. What are the rules, sign in with your Facebook. State your intention, you have a profile match option and if you connect with someone else who has selected your profile, you simply tap and begin chat.

Uniform – Pretty much self explanatory.

Whether you prefer the organic going out to a bar, club or event and meeting someone new, or taking that leap of faith and getting involved in digital dating remember to not get lost in the technological abyss that digital dating can create, remember actions have consequences and you may want to set your boundaries in the early stages of the relationship, whether it be casual or long term, honesty is the best policy however.. we suggest that if you are not comfortable and confident enough to go out on an actual date once in a while or to a live event then how do you expect to find a partner? Whenever you walk down a high street or enter the room at a function, even when you are ridding on public transport there are potential suitors in close proximity, willing to take a chance on meeting someone new, the idea that you both occupy the same space suggests that you both have something in common, work with that and see how it goes. If your intentions are to be single then enjoy and own that. Have fun and play safe, do let us know your opinions on digital dating and the digital dating scene in your area. Where do you see yourself in 10-20 years time, happily married with children?

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