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i-likeitalot the Air Jordans


Before the Air yeezy jump over the jumpman lets’ reminisce why we like them a lot. how the iconic shoes bearing the jumpman reached another level of popularity for the last five years. Simple, like the previous generation the masses identify themselves to the living legend of Michael jordan. His will to win, his passion for the game and always giving his whole energy for what he love made him a brand people trust. Micheal jordan not only influenced basket ball but also fashion and a whole hip-hop culture, he left his name in history and even long after he stopped his basketball carreer, the jumpman shoes are still going strong as the youth recognize what he stood, his beliefs as he fought for his dream and was absolutly fearless. while trend setters such as Teyana taylor, Kid Cudi, Kanye west & Jay-z rocked Jordans it has only skyrocketted the brand. Let’s take a road to memory lane after the jump


Released in 1985, the Air Jordan I pair was a breakthrough and revolution in the basketball shoe design. The shoe initially gained a great deal of publicity and interest because of its vibrant black and red color it violated the league’s uniform rules and when Michael was fined five thousand dollars every time he wore the shoes during a game. The AJ1 are considered as the beginning stage of the sneaker culture.

Air Jordan II


These one are the first Air jordan featuring the basketball floating on a cloud. Inspired by a 19th century woman’s boot we’ve learned that this air jordan was made of faux lizard skin and made in italy.

Air Jordan III


In 1988 the jumpman was incorporated into this pair design by Tinker hatfield featuring the elephant-skin in response to Michael Jordan’s wish for an animal print on his kicks which were an instant hit. check out below the commercial featuring spike lee as mars blackmon, the fictional character of his film “she’s gotta have it”.

Air Jordan IV


released in 1989 and following the huge success of the commercials with spike lee these classic jordan IV are one of the most stylish pair released, so fresh that spike lee put the shoes in the classic movie “do the right thing”


Air Jordan V


The air jordan v released in 1900 stand out with the huge tongue as the reflective material shine bright like a diamond when taken in picture. the red raging bulls is one of the most popular out there as they are matching perfectly the chicago bulls outfit.

Air Jordan VI


Made extremely popular by kanye west and wiz khalifa and the rest of trend setters worldwide the jordan VI are probably the most aesthetics pair of the collection of the jordans. for the “petite histoire” the pull at the back of the shoes was designed just like the rear of the porshe owned by Michael Jordan at the time.

Air Jordan VII

Air Jordan 7 – Olympic : Miro

Certainly one of our favourite, the air jordan VII were rocked during the 1992 olympics in Barcelona, unique by its designed, this awesome pair was inspired by the west african tribal art for a mix of purple, yellow, red and black they earned the nickname of afropop.


Air Jordan VIII


not a fan of this one but those Air Jordan 8 was introduced as the last shoes before Michael Jordan retired the first time, so in Jordan series has special significance as he went on to go and become a major league baseball player

Air Jordan IX


Those are seen as the ugly duckling of the collection as followed by his retirement of basket ball for a base-ball career tinker hatfield and the nike team turned the jordan 9 into a base-ball shoe. check out below the hilarious commercial

Air Jordan X


the jordan 10 wasn’t the most aesthetically pair of the air jordan collection but mark michael jordan return, rocking the same number 45 as his short base-ball career that he switched back to his notorious 23. the pair made famous lately by trendsetter teyana taylor it went then worldwide with celebrities such as rita ora rocking them for photo-shoots and many performances.


Air jordan XI


Those air jordan are probably the most popular amongst the fans, in black & red, in grey as seen in the movie space jam and worn during the game against seattle on father’s day it was the most meaningful win for the iconic athlete, micheal jordan.

Air jordan XII

Jordan and Pippen celebrate

Challenged, doubted, disrespected, criticize, these is the same words michael jordan used to motivate himself and simultaneously encourage the generations to come to reach higher goals and deliver outstanding performances, those classics are called Flu Game 12’s


Air jordan XIII


Niiice like fabolous say. Michael jordan was called among his friends as the black panther and this is whats tinker harfield used to design those Nice shoe. The 13 mark another evolution for michael as The brand jordan became its own under the nike umbrella.

Air Jordan XIV

With 5.2 seconds left in the game Michael Jordan o

these one are called the last shot and worn by the living legend when he gave the sixth championships to the chicago bulls and together with his team they made history.

Air Jordan XV


certainly our less liked pair of the jordan family, the XV marked the end of the collaboration between Micheal and Tinker as the head designer of the air jordans. together they made history and left a huge legacy for many generations.



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