Interview : Pusha T – Stand for Something


“After releasing his solo debut studio album, My Name Is My Name, last month, Pusha’s finally found his spot on a major label. The 36-year-old Virginia Beach rapper had been working on his solo debut for over a year, and after a few hurdles, the Kanye West-executively produced project was met with critical acclaim. Even with his most recent successes, his patience and tolerance are at an all-time low. His life is surrounded by business. “Anything that’s untrue jeopardizes my business,” he says.

He’s learned the best way to be truthful is just to talk straight, and that’s something his dad taught him early on. “Speaking truthfully is the only way to go—and the easiest way to go,” he says. “Everyone just needs to stay on a straight and even plane, and that all begins with truth.” ”

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