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Sapeurs: New Guiness Advert for 2014

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For their 2014 campaign Guinness have decided to capitalize on the ostentatious style of a society of men known as the Sapeurs, who reside in Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo.

I first noticed these guys a few years back when browsing through my local photography book shop and this striking cover of an African man in a pink suit jumped out at me.

gentleman of bacongo

“Gentlemen of Bacongo” is a striking series of images documenting the phenomenon which has subsequently inspired Paul Smith’s Runway shows.

As a companion to the advert Guinness have produced a documentary which goes into slightly more detail illustrating how for the Sapeurs this is as much about the lifestyle and camaraderie as it is about escapism through style.

The Sapeurs otherwise know as the gentlemen of the Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance, live by a moral code which involves sharing, pacifism and love.

For more info about the Sapeurs and possible indoctrination by Guinness head here.

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