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Bacardi Untameable Launch party


Last month Bacardi kindly invited us down to an event celebrating the launch of their new campaign entitled ‘Untameable.’

During a brief seminar we learned about the rich history and cultural significance Bacardi has in the cocktail world. Apparently the Bacardi family invented many of the Rum cocktails we know and love today, which we were able to sample unreservedly at the party.

The party theme was prohibition era Cuba, an obvious reference to the Booze fuelled holidays Americans took in Cuba during the prohibition of alcohol in the 1930s. Bacardi played a key role in promoting rum as a luxury drink and also pioneered the process of distillation which has been copied by many other brands.

There was cuban food, prohibition style Jazz, a DJ playing from behind a bunch of suitcases, gambling and of course every Bacardi cocktail you can possibly imagine.


For more info on the history of Bacardi and it’s current campaign head here.

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