How Scream Queens Star Lucien Laviscount Got His Toned Physique


Details magazine recently caught up with British actor Lucien Laviscount to talk fitness, motivation, auditioning for FOX’s Scream Queens, eating habits and more. Read an excerpt from the interview and watch Lucien’s Details exclusive video interview titled “How I Got My Body.” in full below.

“In the Scream Queens audition scene I did for Ryan, my character was getting dressed, so I hit the gym beforehand. I asked him if he wanted me to take my shirt off; he said no. I was like, ‘Cool, cool’ . . . but I was ready to go! Shirtless scenes can pop up at any time. For those, I’ll do abs two days leading up to shooting. Never do abs the morning of—they’ll look too bulky. Then do as many chest presses as you can and get a really good pump on before going to set.

“My mom still calls me all the time: ‘Lucien, have you been training? Have you eaten? Get in the gym!’ It’s all go, go, go in our family. And I still feel like I’m betraying my parents if I go to any other gym. There’s no place like home.”

—As told to Kayleen Schaefer

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