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We are young, but we are no longer children. We have grown up. We have come to understand ourselves. First by looking at others, because it was easier than looking at ourselves. That journey provided us with a frame of reference. it taught us about our identity in relation to others. It taught us about our position in the world. And the position of Asia in the world. We are the new generation.

Xander Zhou Asian Futuristic Surreal Virtual Non-existent Techno-orientalism Tribe Secret Weapon Collection Uniforms Army Laboratory Experiment Flat Three-Dimensional Wrinkled Bleached Denim Mao Suit Boxy Sleeves Ties Phallic Master Kung Fu Shoes Rain Boots Ski Boots Soft Caps Toolbox:

Stylist: Anna Personen @ ATOMO Management
Casting: Walter Pearce / Midland Agency
Hair: Gary Gill @ Team for Wella Professionals using EIMI
Make-up: Clara O’Shea @ LGA Management
Music production: Snackou

By C

Based in Notting Hill, London. Clifford is the creator/editor of A Media and Communications (Bsc) he collaborates with other talented creatives/ ex scene kids to create original in house content (interviews, editorials and more)

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