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In retrospect and finally, believe the effectiveness of your work agreements to improve your team`s results. There`s nothing more frustrating, especially for a project manager, than decoupling team members in an important meeting. While you`re thrilled to have made everyone appear, you face a new struggle to grab the attention of attendees who are glued to their devices or doing work that has nothing to do with the goals of the meeting. Collaboration tools should help bring your team together and improve your operations. But there`s more to work on than having the right collaboration tools. Good virtual team leaders need to encourage team building, effective communication and group cohesion. So how do you put each team member on the same side? Under these conditions, it is necessary to build the planning scale in such a way that the team has a clear idea of what to expect and when. After witnessing several meeting accidents with a team I had worked with, we decided to create a “There is a time and a place for everything” clause. These agreements have spared me a lot of grief, so I`ve given below some tips on how to create one that works for your agile team. I`ve also added three examples of clauses that I`ve used for my teams that you could use. Discuss each item added by team members and start by grouping items that seem to relate to each other.

Do this as part of an open discussion on each topic, in order to gather enough contexts, to see if it is possible to group it with something similar or if it is something else. Be sure to encourage the participation of all team members by asking questions such as “X, what do you think?” etc. This social contract, established by team members, elicits a level of commitment, discipline and responsibility that has a positive impact on team dynamics and enables teams to successfully achieve their goals. It helps teams create a positive and productive process tailored to the team`s needs and preferences. For each group, make sure that there are unique actions for each item, if any. For example, if a group of items alludes to how we handle external team requests or unforeseen issues, it`s helpful as a team to agree on how we`re going to respond to them. We can create actions such as “Must be discussed with PO”, “Must be maintained according to our story format taking into account the definition of Ready” and “PO updates the external part with expected delivery according to the capacity of the team and the discussion”. This is also a good time to gather feedback from the team on the usefulness/effectiveness of this format for future use. This can be done by fist-to-five vote.

Your teamwork agreement must be easily accessible and accessible to all team members. It`s easy to forget something you`ve only seen once in a meeting. Find creative ways to bring key elements of your agreement within reach of your team in a consistent way. One of the ways to do this is to create some kind of mural in the main work area where the instructions are displayed. Let`s start with the definition: work agreements are standards or guidelines developed by a team to improve its interactions for higher performance and create a common language. In practice, these agreements define the expectations of the group, define paths of cooperation and create the kind of atmosphere necessary for sensitive and psychologically safe work. Steve begins to question the agreements proposed in his first priority area: Daily Scrum Start Time. After any possible working agreement, it uses the Protocol of Decider[2] to quickly seek consensus. If there is no immediate consensus, the person who said “no” to an idea proposes what they consider to be a better thing. .

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