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The Story Of Sean Paul’s ‘Get Busy’

Vice presents an introspective look into the creation of Sean Paul’s international career defining record “Get Busy.” and how growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Sean Paul Henriques fell in love with dancehall music, but never imagined he’d one day become the genre’s most internationally renowned artist. After years of building a fanbase in Jamaica and the diaspora, his second album, Dutty Rock, became a make-or-break opportunity to prove that dancehall beats could transcend culture and break into the pop mainstream.

He accomplished that and more with the timeless party anthem, “Get Busy”, accompanied by producer Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden’s legendary Diwali Riddim as the track’s foundation. VICE met up with Sean Paul in Kingston to learn about his signature fusion of Jamaican Patois and hip-hop slang, how his upbringing influenced his musical style, and the legacy of the first-ever dancehall song to top the international charts.

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