Common featuring Nas: Ghetto Dreams (Full Version)

Common – Ghetto Dreams feat NAS by Nasir Jones

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Janelle Monae Live at Glastonbury 2011

Jonelle monae treated her captive audience at the West Holts Stage during Glastonbury festival to a career defining performance that combined art, music and spectacle. Monae who was discovered by Big Boy from Outkasts while singing back up for the group, entertained with the assistance of her band and dancers. The material she performed was a blend of material taken from projects Archandroid. The performance featured a tribute to Michael Jackson. Janelle performed an excellent set which will go down in Glastonbury history as one of the best performances by an artist so diverse, blending elements of Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown in what can only be explained as a showing years ahead of her time, witnessing Janelle Monae’s skill, ability to transcend the ordinary and basic while captivating the audience leaving many truly in awe of her spirit, the world truly was not ready for what Janelle was offering. The Glastonbury 2011 performance at the West Holts Stage was a visual master class on how to perform, it was as if she was not from this earth and the visual spectacle that was her performance art was unforgettable and a highlight of the festival.

A quote from this weeks “Music Week” magazine…

“In terms of a percentage sales increase, Amazon said that US soul singer Janelle Monae saw the biggest benefit of appearing at Glastonbury, with a 4,928% sales uplift for her album The ArchAndroid following her performance over the weekend.

That album is now up to seven at album charts and nine at”

Read on to view the I-likeitalot Janelle Monae Gallery taken live at Glastonbury 2011.


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Beyonce 4 Sound’s like?

A creative masterpiece worthy of standing ovations, different to everything that is currently in the charts, vocally in a league far beyond the standard of many of today’s artists. The quality and richness of content of the project will leave many in awe and only confirms the reason why Beyonce has outlasted many artists. The versatility, progression and intimacy of this project stands as a living testament that marries perfectly the elements of All Beyonce;s albums past and present. With multifaceted elements of experience, emotion, creativity. Beyonce’s passion, motivation and hunger remain as fresh as when Beyonce first burst onto the scene with Destiny’s child. 4 is bound to be a a project that is a musical tapestry of excellence combining beautifully married vocals, production, synths and live instruments with slick production that serves to compliment and create a mise en scene of epic proportions without over powering Beyonce’s vocal’s stylings which are strong, powerful and soulful. Beyonce takes us on a unique musical journey of discovery, different to anything that is currently in the charts. Again setting the standard, raising the bar. 4 is an album that is complete masterpiece, stand alone it is proof that Beyonce is a living legend. If the music that has officially been previewed is an indication that 4 is a timeless project that will enrich Beyonce’s pre existing catalogue of international hits, without a doubt generating even more Grammy’s. Beyonce-4 will be released internationally on 27th June 2011, pre-order by clicking here.

(This review is purely speculative based on the tracks 1+1, Girls-Run The World as well as additional information regarding producers credited and album track list)

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Hip Hop Style Revolution (Feature)

Are we experiencing a Hip Hop Style Evolution? This is something I am constantly asking myself. Who exactly are we speaking to when I post the style clippings? Is it the man who pulls out his iPads on the way to work, is it the guy wearing chinos shopping for swag on the Portobello Road? Is it that guy with the True Religion raw denim jeans and all Gucci everything? Or that guy with the Nike Blazers and Trapstar T-Shirt? or possibly the guy who works in the city and wears Tom Ford.

In the 80’s and 90’s, Hip Hop styling and ideology was reflected through the defiant baggy jeans, oversized Jerseys and in the early 90’s diamonds and precious metals became the norm for rappers. The look was part hood gangster/ street hustler placing extra emphasis on living the America dream often ostentatious in appearance the visual idea was a display of nonchalant    underlining newfound wealth (see paid in full). The Flashy loud and abrasive money displaying in the style of the neighbourhood dope man going in on expensive furs, and wearing them in their hoods whether it be Compton, Harlem and The Bronx.

As taste generally becomes refined overtime with extra money in abundance overt and obvious displays of wealth became passé. If you wanted to show you were truly successful, you needed to have the rarest, one-of-a-kind pieces: hand made Louis Vuitton Presidential briefcase, jeans from a little factory in Japan that only produce 365 pairs a year. A new style and look diverged that both inspired and was influenced by downtown street wear. Still, there are plenty that aren’t rocking Ralph Lauren with Maison Martin Margiella.


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Kanye West feat. Elly Jackson – That’s My Bitch

Initially released as a free download during the Good Friday period,  when Kanye West released a new free download track each Friday between October 2010 and Christmas via his official website. One of many stand out tracks rumoured to be included on Kanye West x Jay-Z collaborative album “Watch The Throne.” is “That’s My Bitch.” which features the vocal stylings of Elly Jackson of La Roux. In a recent interview with MTV, when asked what sound and direction “Watch The Throne.” would take, Kanye said that the album is “going to be very dark and sexy, like couture hip hop.” Watch the throne is due to be released Summer 2011 by Def Jam Recordings. Here what the track sounds like now.

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