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UK Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge


Looking to kick start your new year and get in shape for real this year? I’ve decided to set a goal of running 10k in March for UK Charity age UK. I also discovered Body By Vi’s 90 day challenge along with their delicious shake mix, which can be flavoured with mix ins. The 90 day challenge allows you to challenge your friends to get in shape, coupled with a balanced diet the companies project 10 intensive suggests that the key to healthy living lies within losing the first 10lbs of weight or building 10lbs of lean muscle, therefore incorporating this into your 90 day challenge is additional motivation for you to find a gym buddy improving your likelihood of sticking to your 90 day challenge and set goals. To learn more about the challenge click here. If you are not interested in challenging yourself, improving your health, nutrition, getting beach ready or changing your life, watch the video below.


Bronze Woman (A Short Film By Community Roots)


First public monument of a black woman in England, the realised vision of educator, author, musician, poetess and community activist Cecile Nobrega, 1919 — 2013.