Discovering King Krule


We would Like to Introduce You to A very talented Artist, A young crooner going by the name of King Krule. He is a British singer, songwriter and also makes music under the name of DJ JDSports with his friend Jada Sea a.k.a Edgar the Beatmaker, they recently released this track entitled She whispered in my ear which you can give a crack below

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King Krule recently released his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon which is in my humble opinion the musical evolution of the song he posted three years ago Out Getting Ribs.

A raw guitar troubadour full of talent whom in slow motion shows how much depth and soul there is in his voice, far more superior than what the music industry been spoon-feeding. King Krule music lead us to believe what an interesting journey lies ahead of this Orange-headed nineteen year old London boy influenced by Jazz, Rnb and Hip-Hop. So to make a long story short I would recommend you to Get the album, listen to his music, dig deeper and Like it a Lot.