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Glastonbury Highlights – Extended: The Chemical Brothers

The Pioneers of British electro for over 20 years, Chemical Ed and Chemical Tom played a extraordinary set featuring a barrage of tracks that were sononomous with the evolution of dance/electronica, underlining the reason why the Chemical Brothers remain the original and one of the best live festival acts, The chemicals transformed the Other Stage at Glastonbury festival into a euphoric laser show raving experience not from this earth.

Saturday 25 June, Other Stage

Set List

1.Another World
2.Do It Again
3.Get Yourself High
4.Horse Power
5.Chemical Beats
7.The Swoon Arpeggios
8.Star Guitar
9.3 Little Birdies
10.Hey Boy Hey Girl
11.Galactic Phase Shift Interlude
12.Don’t Think 2011
13.Out Of Control
14.Doesn’t Matter
15.Setting Sun
18.Escape Velocity
19.Super Flash
20.Cherub Clown Harmonies
21.Leave Home
23.Block Rocking Beats