Fashion Make Up


Fenty Beauty

The reviews are in and Fenty Beauty products are receiving 10’s across the board. A wide spectrum of beauty bloggers have rated the product and the general consensus is why have non of the bigger beauty brands or celebrity make up lines been as inclusive and as revolutionary as Fenty Beauty. This make up line is a game changer, the excitement at 40 shades of beauty, which appear to be all encompassing, are at a decent price point and once applied the finish is skin like, not chalky ,looks luxury, expensive and beautiful , this natural appearing glow provided by the products has all beauty bloggers radiating confidence. Not only are the make up shades on tonal colour match cards but they also have models wearing the product so you can compare with the picture what the product looks like on in relation to visiting Harvey Nichols to do your own colour match / swatching. Having watched various different youtube reviews, i’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an espresso tone , and the most popular products appear to be the contour sticks, universal lip gloss, make up brushes and the make up sponge which has a flat side and a curve side designed to apply make up effortlessly below the eye and on top of the eye lid. Get into the supporting visuals for Fenty Beauty currently breaking the internet in full below.