Remembering Michael Jackson

thrillerMichael Jackson remains the worlds greatest entertainer. Inspiring a generation of current artists with explosive career defining live performances, sold out world wide stadium tours, a multitude of iconic music and video awards. Before Michael Jackson there were Beatles, Elvis and Frank Sinatra however the greatest entertainer of the MTV age is Michael Jackson and he is right up there with those greats based on artistry and contribution to the arts some may even argue that he surpasses those mentioned. 

It is important to remember how Michael Jackson as a African American managed to achieve mainstream success, securing a lucrative sponsorship deal with Pepsi back in 1984.  As a Multimillionaire Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” entered the Guinness book of world records as the best selling EP of all time.  “Billie Jean.” is the most important record Michael Jackson created, based on its commercial success, it’s musical depth, production, stage performance of which MJ owns the publishing royalties for as is the case with all his solo material. Michaels unique style of dress, the white gloves, the hat, the performance jacket, self choreographed movement, effortlessly moon walking across the stage, one man one mic in the spotlight as the King of Pop.

Michael has influenced so many artists, many of whom have learnt from Michael’s work ethic, generosity and live performances. His influence is apparent in the work of some of  artist of the 00’s such as his sister Janet Jackson, Usher Raymond, Justin Timberlake,    Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Beyonce. MJ is the music inspiration of your favourite artists, so much so that his list of celebrity friends who he has worked with include Whitney Houston, Naomi Campbell, Maculay Culkin , Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy and Iman. Not only were his performances , style and syncopated choreography respected, as an artist Michael Jackson was the go to entertainer who turned out iconic Hollywood film production level videos which set the standard for greatness. Today would have been Michael’s 56th Birthday, rest in perfect peace – may your music live on forever.


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