Alexandra Burke does GMTV

Alexandra has 89,384 – and counting – sales to date of her latest single bad boys which she performed live on Sunday nights X factor show. The X Factor winner’s Bad Boys single is selling more than Robbie Williams by more than 2:1. Robbie’s single comeback track, Bodies, is well and truly flatlining with a mere 42,751 sales. I haven’t actually heard it yet and will now have to actively seek it out. I hope it is not as bad as that Rudebox rubbish he put out earlier. I was amazed to find out that I would beseeing Alexandra Burke at a secret location on Thursday 15th October. The dress code is described as “Glamorous,” Also it says “Do not wear patterns, stripes, all black or all white outfits and no logo or branded clothing.” Although there will be no cameras allowed I am looking forward to seeing Alexandra Burke do what she does best, her performance on X factor was awesome and I am proud that I actually voted for her in the final like 6 times.

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