Rihanna Speaks To Diane Sawyer On 20/20

Rihanna talks to Diana Sawyer regarding the truth about what factors contributed to a loving relationship  escalating into an abusive relationship. Rihanna also discusses her reasoning for going back to Chris and her thoughts and feelings towards Chris after the incident happened. I respect the fact that Rihanna has broken her silence and is using her own experience to empower others going through the same situation, to discuss everything that happened is an act of bravery in my opinion and the ending of their relationship is for the greater good and can inspire others to save their own lives. Domestic violence actually kills and scars not only physically but emotionally, despite the fact that bruises can fade the vignettes of abuse can never be forgotten.  Youtube have a social responsibility to keep this on the website I would be shocked to see this pulled down due to copyright laws.

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