Rihanna – The Wait Is Over Video

I can’t believe the audacity of some bloggers that have the nerve to comment “the wait is over yawn.” They must have something in their eye, be it a glass eye or contact lenses but surely not 20:20 vision. Personally I really like the cinematography, the pace and the idea behind the video. The song lyrics and Rihanna’s flow on this track is totally unique and sounds like nothing that is already on the radio. Rihanna’s figure looks stunning and there are no additional dancers or unnecessary gimmicks within the video. Rihanna doesn’t feature a rapper on the track and genuinely holds this track on her own merit with her swagger in check. Ultimately within the video Rihanna does what she does best by just rocking the video by keeping it edgy, simple but effective. The video is visually flawless and the album “Rated R”is available in stores 23rd November 2009.

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