Introducing Katy B (Many of you already are down)

Katie Brien, better known as Katy B hails from South London, an edgy, street sound that is rich and unusual in a climate populated by safe artists or artists who copy other artist (Beyonce/Rihanna world) There is no other female on the UK Music scene bringing a freshness that could be compared to what sugababes(original line up/Lilly Allen/ Rihanna) have come to represent in 2010. Most similar to Rita Ora but with more material released in the UK. Katie has originality, streetwise cool, with the ability to write and arrange her own music. Being a Singer and a graduate having completed a degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, University of London this year she seems to be able to express herself lyrically at a standard that is up there with Ms/ Lady Dynamite. I like it alot and am lookiung forward to the album, however there is no official website or scheduled release dates from Katy. The first time I heard Katy b was out at Yoyo, when DJ Seb? Leo? Mane Norte? played one of my favourite tracks on a mission.

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Based in Notting Hill, London. Clifford is the creator/editor of A Media and Communications (Bsc) he collaborates with other talented creatives/ ex scene kids to create original in house content (interviews, editorials and more)

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