Fashion Presents Winter 2011 What’s Hot

It’s that special time of year where the days are shorter, the nights are longer and the swag aught to be fashionable and functional. discuss what’s hot for Fall/Winter 2011.

1) Giles are in. Hats with a bobble are in, joker hats and skull caps are out.

2) Timberlands are in.

3) Ethical animal print is in, think leopard print on jackets (as featured)

4) Knit wear (got to get the knits out).

5) Sheepskin coats.

6) It’s time to invest think I need a barbour this season. Whether you decide to select a classic wax jacket or think that a colour splash is necessary in order to keep your pallatte contemporary. If you are feeling bold, select a primary colour and rock some easy options. Marrying style with confidence.

7) Think lord of the estate whether you are opting for country boys swag or inner city estate – think easy to wear ode to raga muffin. Bobble hats and primary reggae colour pops, rude boy style, very casual makes selecting a easy rule for dressing during the holiday season.

8 )The kind of swag you can add accessories to from your car boot, ghetto fab without the bling, statement piece accessories, Louis vuitton, Gucci, mulberry carry ons, holdalls. Shearling jackets, boiled lambs wool peat coat in.

***Mink coats are out and the concept of a Siberian winter is dead.***Converse are out – slipping and sliding on ice, toes getting cold? No that is really a tacky look for winter.

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Based in Notting Hill, London. Clifford is the creator/editor of A Media and Communications (Bsc) he collaborates with other talented creatives/ ex scene kids to create original in house content (interviews, editorials and more)

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