*Joint Of the Week* Keche – Aluguntugui [Official Music Video]

“In June we were unaware of Keche’s existence but now in August we have become huge fans. Keche is made up of two talented Ghanaian musicians Kechepa (Joshua Ampah) and Kechede (Andrew Cudjoe). At the beginning of the summer they released a video for their hit “Aluguntugui.”

According to Modern Ghana aluguntugui is the Ga name for sweet apple, and the artists wanted a catchy and original simile for sweetness. The singers also revealed that this song is meant to be an encouragement for young men to be bold to approach ladies they find attractive and not just sit back and allow beautiful opportunities pass them by.

The dance featured in the video is called Azonto – a new dance craze born in Ghanaian fishing communities and later spread to the music scene and has since been making waves across West Africa. Azonto calls for dancers to act out their occupation. ”

Props To The Talented Emmanuelle Saliba at Ignite The Sound


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