Louis Vuitton Core Values : Micheal Phelps by Annie Leibovitz

The Olympic champion Micheal Phelps which is the latest face of the Louis Vuitton Campaign, The swimmer which is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals the American Athlete shows his Olympics form in a bath but what stroke us the most is the classic and very stylish Kinda Passing of the Torch Portrait with Olympic legend Larisa Latynina that blown us away. In a very sophisticated 3-piece suit. The new Legend is sitting on a couch with the former Olympic Russian Athletes Larisa Latynina appearing to have a chat and sharing a cup of Tea. Shot By the Iconic Photographer Annie Leibovitz is a compulsive perfectionist whose shoots cost a fortune to produce, Virtually anyone (the Queen of England, for instance) would agree to be photographed by her even he Queen of England, for instance and Lately the Muhammad Ali Core Values for Louis Vuitton 2012.


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