Act Of Public Indecency – #DominicCelaire #LailaHabib

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At 02:28 am I was sent a video via whats app of what appeared to be of a man eating a salt fish pattie on the steps of a well known public area of London. When I woke up this morning the man was identified as Dominic Celaire via numerous social media outlets including, Facebook, twitter and instagram. The act of public indecency following a boozy night out on the town was photographed from numerous different angles and the video has now been uploaded to worldstar hip titled ” 2014 And They Already Doing This: Girl Riding A Man’s Face On A London Public Stairwell! “and is currently being commented on by a number of well know UK celebrities via instagram, facebook and was even mentioned by Charlie Sloth on his radio 1 show this afternoon. Read on to see what all the controversy is about.

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