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Dr. Umar Johnson Talks Deion Sanders, TJ Holmes, Interracial Relationships + The Snow Bunny Crisis

Dr Umar Johson speaks to the Breakfast Club and provides an update on the school he has been building in America The Fredrick Douglas and Marcus Garvey Academy for over three years, complete with information regarding the process, contractors, the school curriculum which includes Maths , English, Languages, Financial and Economic science, and modules which include how to do taxes, real estate, international investments, business planning, agriculture, spiritual, astro sciences, as well as speaking on Deion Sanders, TJ Holmes, Interracial Relationships + The Snow Bunny Crisis more.

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Steve Stoute Breakfast Club Interview


Steve Stoute visits the Breakfast Club New York to promote VH1’s adaptation of Steve Stouts best selling book the tanning of America. Whilst being interviewed on the breakfast club Power 105.1 Steve also discusses Why white people are not permitted to say the N word, Damon Dash, the irrelevance of 50 Cent, Jay Z, Kanye West, P Diddy, the creation of the show, contributions from Mariah Carey , Naomi Campbell and

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Thierry Henry for GQ Magazine America


“Football legend Thierry Henry shows you how to streamline your wardrobe like a proper, cool-as-heaven Frenchman”

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The Mask You Live In – An Exploration Of American Masculinity


The representation project. org presents the trailer for “The Mask You Live In.” exploring three words which every boy hears growing up “Be A Man.” The documentary aims to take an in depth look at existing ideas of masculinity promoted in the United States, there origins, the detrimental effect that this has on the fabric of society and impact the mental health of those living within the community. Watch the thought provoking trailer in full below.