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Blackberry To Offer BBM as an App for iOS and Android Scheduled For Release Summer 2013


According to news reports sourced from which hit Facebook and other social media news feeds which were ignored by most who no longer are interested in Blackberry/RIM announcements regarding smart phones as they have moved on to alternative technologies Blackberry representative Thorsten Heins – announced last week during a BBLive seminar that:

“BBM is breaking out of its walled garden. Starting this summer, users running iOS 6 and Android ICS or higher will be able to download the BBM app for free and join in the messaging experience so highly curated by BlackBerry. Initially, however, only the messaging and group features will be accessible for outside users, but throughout the year, the company hopes to add BBM voice, BBM channels, screen sharing and video capabilities.”

according to “You’ll have to hold tight for a more specific launch date, as Heins didn’t announce any concrete timing. But if you’ve waited for this news for years, what’s a few more months?.”

In what will come as welcome news to the few that still communicate via BBM this would allow the technological have’s using Android and iOS the opportunity to communicate with the have nots who are stuck on using Blackberries.

Special Thanks to O.A for the newsflash.

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I-Likeitalot The Real-Life Instagram Camera

De Rosa writes us that “It needs a huge investment … it’s not a simply a product. As of now, the real-life Instagram camera is only a concept Featuring an interchangeable lens and onboard printer, touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a steel-banded, 2-D build, the real-life instagram camera will remind you of a marriage between the now Vintage Polaroid and The iPhone 4/4s, as said earlier it is only a concept and we would absolutely love this come to Life.

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