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BMW Active Hybrid Models 3, 5 and 7



BMW have release a range of ActiveHybrid models which appear to be compact, stylish, functional and practical. With its unrivalled fuel efficiency and dynamic driving experience BMW have developed a desirable, economic and tasteful car which is distinctively handsome.

“The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 stands for innovative drive systems and EfficientDynamics. Its interior has been created with high-quality materials and features an extremely functional luggage compartment. The intelligent energy management of the world’s first BMW full hybrid saloon guarantees optimum interplay between the combustion engine and electric motor. Energy is only used when necessary, so you can enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is also available as a Sport, Luxury or M Sport model.”

The ActiveHybrids large doors, wide boot, comfortable seats which can fold down to create more room, make for easy access to the interior which makes use of clever storage options which include a spacious luggage compartment complete with car kits. The BMW’s visually perfect aerodynamic excellence is echoed throughout and it drives quietly and handles like a dream (statistics).
Hybrid are changing , combining convincing emissions statistic and great performance. improved utilising technological advancements which make BMW’s sleek, stylish interior and exterior that much more luxury efficient and economic.
Bmw body work is renowned for being inspired by high art , craftsman built to immaculate standard. German cars continue to appeal to the masses as they exude class, mean business and appear to be aspiration objects.
Adding to the comfort of your drive, although slightly heavier than the non hybrid model, technological enhancements have improved handling and many business are deciding to make the leap to hybrid cars as drivers can save money in the long run taking into consideration the rate in which fuel prices are rising.

Design along with movement is also the focus of the design team who merge speed with dynamics. In the print campaign images ropes are used to create the illusion of movement as the BMW appears as a piece of artwork parked perfectly on a raise platform. The overall design and mechanics of the BMW appears to be the central.

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