Is That A Gun Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

An X ray machine which makes thermal images of passengers has been introduced at manchester airport as a pilot set up to help staff spot hidden weapons or explosives. The full body scanner at Manchester Airport can also identify breast enlargements, piercings, false limbs and genitals. Passengers have the choice of the traditional hand pat body search or the virtual strip search. The X Ray machine has been described as generating naked images and for this reason the images are deleted immediately and are only seen by a single member of staff in an isolated room. Manufacturers Rapiscan have said that the images are in no way pornographic and will make the check in more efficient as passengers will not have to remove shoes, belts or coats. The department of transport will decided after a year of trials whether to install these machines at British Airports.

Searching question: many suspicious items highlighted on a scanned image.

Here is another example of the x ray scanners accuracy courtesy of youtube:

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