American Apparel Free Halloween Party

A night of fun and mischief, featuring some of the most amazing costume design ever this Halloween. American Apparel threw an amazing two part party that started at 6pm with a pre party inside the Shoreditch store offering 15% off everything, free food and drink (Brockmans gin and Tiger Beer) part two was held between 9pm and 4am at The Black Lotus Club. American Apparel had a few Halloween suggestions on their website however nothing was remotely scary. Special guests included Mario and Luigi, Lady Gaga, cabaret dancer Pac Man, Mr and Mrs Pac Man, Jack Sparrow, Katie Price, Lara Croft, Bad Boys, FBI Agents, Harry Poter and more. It’s that time of year again when American Apparel likes to invite you to celebrate all things spooky. This was of course a costume party and I attended as the most stylish mine artist that they ever did see. Here is a glimpse of the inspiration that was the American Apparel UK website.

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