Lady Gaga Visits Alexa Chung

Video Phone Featuring Lady Gaga Premiers today. The video has shot by Hype Williams at a New York location back in October was filmed on a closed set hence the reason there are no supporting images. Fingers crossed this video should put an end to the encroaching recession that has been impacting on many music videos. Gaga wrote her versus, learned Beyonce’s signature choreography and does her own playful take on the inspirational diva. The fashion is said to be sick and insane. Lady Gaga refuses to elaborate on what happens in the video as it is essentially an unreleased remix taken from Sacha Fierce Deluxe Edition which will feature five number one hits and two bonus tracks. The fiercest females in the game tag team also recorded an original song titled “telephone.” which will appear on Gaga’s new Album the Monster. It is refreshing to have real artists like Lady Gaga and Beyonce who are both talented performers, fearless, creative, intelligent and gracious.  

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