Rihanna @ Brixton Academy

Rihanna previewed her Rated R Album at the Brixton Academy On Monday night, tickets were free and could be won via the nokia live website or by bringing a Nokia handset to the Nokia Flagship Store on Regent Street and asking a member of staff for a free ticket, all 500 tickets were gone by 3pm. The show which was streamed online started at 8pm and was done and dusted within 30 minutes. Highlights included  appearances from Jay-Z and Young Jeezy but the crowd seemed very sterile and a majority of journalists described the show as awesome despite the fact that Rihanna needed a backing vocals to sing sitting in a chair, I enjoyed the show from home however it was too short and I was expecting greater things from Rihanna this time around. Rated R is a good studio album but I feel Rihanna just wasn’t bringing it live like she should have been for this exclusive album preview which included performances of three tracks (The wait is over, Hard ft young Jeezy and Russian Roulette). Rihanna did look stunning and naturally beautiful in HD. A friend who actually attended said that Rihanna live was “rubbish, underwhelming and shit.” Highlight of the show Jay Z and Young Jeezy. At around 10.30pm, on the way out the driver did not close the boot of the van and Rhianna’s luggage spilled out all over the road. After the luggage was locked away, Rihanna and her entourage headed for some sushi at Nozomi. They then headed to Mahiki nightclub to party until 3am, where she was joined by Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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