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Summer Bottled by Carling Zest with Dj Yoda, Jaguar Skills and Dj Food/ V festival Comp.

Ever wondered what would happen if you recorded all the sounds of the Summer and made it into music? No? Well it seems like Carling have and with the help of DJ Yoda, Jaguar Skills and DJ Food, they’ve created the Carling-Zest app which enables you to make your own summer track and upload it to You-Tube. Incidentally this just so happens to coincide with the launch of a new summer beer called “Carling Zest” (coincedence?)

Each DJ has created their own track to inspire you plus a mini documentary of how they created it. Have a look at DJ Yoda’s below:



Head over to to start making your track now… amongst other goodies the tracks with the most views could win a weekend at the V Festival. Good luck!

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