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Dope is a refreshing take on the identity drama and the struggles in youth of finding ones place in a world where everyone expects you to live in a box. The story follows the characters Malcom (Shameik Moore),Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolori), three  Englewood high school students essentially trying to survive in their last year before getting into college….ahem Harvard. However they manage to somehow spin into the hectic world of drug kingpins, genius cyber hackers, punk bands and first kisses. The film is a collage of mini predicaments, coming of age dramas and humorous adolescent lewdness’ sweetly packaged with a dedicated soundtrack featuring the likes of Nas, A Tribe Called Quest and surprisingly Korn.

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Steve Lazarides and Pepsi: The Art if Football PARTY

IMG_9844 copie

Steve Lazarides teams up with Pepsi to bring us this unique collection of football stars spiced up with some fresh underground art.

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StreetFest 2014 Early Bird Tickets available

The Early Bird tickets for StreetFest are now available!

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SUGAR: The safer Aerosol Paint



For all the graffiti writers’, graffiti artists’, and street artists’ out there, a new brand of paint is hitting the shelves. Sugar offers us “The world’s first hybrid water and alcohol based acrylic aerosol paint…”

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Chicago (A Profile Of The City’s Hottest Artists, The Violence That Surrounds Them And The Hope Music Brings To Their Lives)

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.48.51 PM

Watch the insightful interview about Chicago, the streets, gang violence and more. made exclusively by worldstarhiphop, the version below is compatible with smart phones, desktops, laptops and tablet devices.

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This will blow your mind Visually and Musically, check out what happens when graffiti artists have an entire blank warehouse for themselves.

Source Bombing Science

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OBEY x COPE2 Collaboration


“COPE2 is one of the most notorious bombers in New York City and the five boroughs. I first stumbled upon his work in the early 90’s. From the Bronx to downtown to Brooklyn he had pieces everywhere. The two color, very stylish bubble letter throw ups reading COPE, were just everywhere. The guy was definitely one of the most prolific bombers I’ve ever seen, and I’ve spent a lot of time in New York City. Especially in the 90’s, COPE was everywhere. I found out later on that he had actually been out bombing since the early 80’s, starting very young. Some of the stuff I saw in the early 90’s had maybe been around three, five, eight, even ten years, who knows… but he just stayed at it. He was incredibly tenacious and had built up a huge amount of work around the city. Of course graffiti is ephemeral, but back then New York wasn’t cleaned as fast, so his stuff was accumulating. I didn’t meet him, I just knew him through his work, and I just thought for traditional graffiti this guy has one of the best styles. Of course, success in graffiti is measured by volume and he was one of the most , if not the most, up of anyone in New York City.
I first got in touch with COPE2 because he had painted on a skateboard that ended up in a show in our gallery. I said, “Wow, COPE2….that guy’s work is everywhere but I’ve never met him, I don’t even know anyone who knows him. Do you have his email?” The guy that organized the skateboard show had the contact info, so I emailed him. COPE was super cool and said he knew my work well. He said he would love to link up sometime when I was in New York, so yeah it somehow happened.. by modern technology. We ended up becoming friends and collaborating on a couple of walls. He took me up to the Bronx and we worked on a wall there on a production he’s maintained for many years. He also took me out to do some bombing and hit some freeway spots. I simultaneously was doing a wall down in Manhattan that I had permission for, a really high-profile wall and told COPE2 he should get up on either end of this wall too. We showed a little uptown/downtown love, and mutual appreciation. We liked the way the production in the Bronx came out so much that we decided on a poster collaboration. Martha Cooper, who is one of the all-time great graffiti photographers, shot the photo. So between me, COPE2, and Martha, it was a pretty epic collaboration. We talked about doing something with the Obey clothing line with COPE2. His work is great and he can pretty much do tags on top of anything, so we decided to let him do his thing on top of the OBEY icon, to also create a shirt of our Bronx collaboration. We have some great stuff coming out, and I’m always about putting the spotlight on people that I think have really put a lot of work in the culture and have earned the respect that they deserve. COPE2 is one of those people.
-Shepard Fairey”

OBEY x COPE2 Collaboration from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.